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B.A./B.S. and M.D. Program

B.A./B.S. and M.D. Special Program in Medicine (SPiM): University of Connecticut at Storrs and the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.


The University of Connecticut Undergraduate College at Storrs and the University of Connecticut School of Medicine offers a combined B.A./B.S. and M.D. program that will lead to the awarding of an undergraduate degree from the University of Connecticut and a medical degree from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. At the time of admission to the undergraduate program, the combined program allows for provisional acceptance to the School of Medicine once the student has completed the four year undergraduate degree.

The program allows gifted and talented high school students, who are certain that they want to become physicians, the opportunity to combine liberal arts and professional education at the University of Connecticut. The undergraduate and professional schools are committed to providing a culture that reflects diversity with respect to age, gender, racial and ethnic origins, and academic concentrations across many disciplines. The combined program is viewed as a liberating opportunity for gifted and talented students to more fully develop their interests, and encourages students to explore a wide range of undergraduate courses encompassing the biological and physical sciences, humanities, and social sciences.

The program features the full curriculum of the two schools, requiring four years at the Storrs campus and four years at the Farmington campus. Aspects of the combined program, such as summer research, clinical placements, community service opportunities, among others, will involve activities designed to acquaint students with research, clinical and community service opportunities during the students' undergraduate experience. The undergraduate school will award the bachelor’s degree upon completion of an approved four year curriculum at Storrs and the School of Medicine will award the M.D. degree upon completion of its approved curriculum.



Admission to the Special Program in Medicine (SPiM) is highly selective. Applicants must present evidence of exceptional performance in a demanding high school curriculum, which may include advanced preparation in mathematics and laboratory sciences as well as other disciplines. Students must take either the SAT 1 or the ACT exam. While there are no state residency requirements, Connecticut residents receive special consideration.


Selection Factors

Generally, candidates will present a high school grade point average of 3.5 on a four-point scale, and either an SAT 1 combined score of 1300 with a 650 minimum score for each category or an ACT composite score of 29. Additional factors considered include, strength of recommendations, maturity, range and depth of extracurricular involvement; and commitment to the health sciences. The admissions committees for the undergraduate and professional schools believe that the full breadth and depth of candidates' preparation cannot be judged solely by grades and test scores. The committees encourage applications from candidates who present with more modest grades and test scores if there is evidence of exceptional preparation in other areas. Interviews at the School of Medicine are required as part of the final selection process to the combined program.


Selection Procedures

The Division of Enrollment Management and the undergraduate Admissions Office at Storrs will prepare application and publication materials for dissemination to individual prospects and feeder schools. The School of Medicine will develop a program listing for inclusion in the MSAR, school catalog, web page, and other suitable announcement and publication sites.

The admissions office will receive and evaluate all applicants. It is estimated that between 200 and 300 applicants will apply. A joint selection committee comprising faculty members and admissions officers from the undergraduate campus and medical school will select between 30 and 40 candidates for interviews. Interviews at the medical school will be required for any candidates under consideration for SPiM admission. The school will provide a rank-ordered list of acceptable candidates to the admission office.

Admission offers for the SPiM will consist of an offer of admission to the undergraduate school and a contingent offer of admission to the School of Medicine. The medical school will set the specific contingencies (see below) required in order for a SPiM student to matriculate into medical school. Students are expected to conform to all codes of conduct applicable at the main University, and while pursuing activities at the School of Medicine or affiliated institutions.

At the end of each semester of study, beginning with the first semester at Storrs, the School of Medicine will monitor the progress of all students who matriculate in the SPiM. It will require that SPiM students have an advisory committee assigned to monitor the progress of each student. The advisory committee will be charged with assisting each student in developing a curricular and extracurricular program, and monitoring and informing the School of Medicine of each student's progress. Program advisors are expected to identify enrichment experiences that will nurture and benefit students during the critical undergraduate developmental and preparation years. The advisory committee is expected to file a progress report at the end of each semester. SPiM students will be required to submit a statement of their activities, progress, and plans at the beginning of each academic year.

The School of Medicine will ordinarily require a SPiM student to maintain a 3.6 grade point average throughout the four year undergraduate experience. The School of Medicine will ordinarily require SPiM students to take the MCAT exam and score a minimum of 30, with no individual score less than 8. During their undergraduate years, the School of Medicine will require SPiM students to engage in clinical, research, extracurricular and community service activities consistent with the expectations of the School of Medicine’s Admission Committee standards. The school will require SPiM students to develop and then to present sufficiently strong motivation and strong interpersonal skills required for entry to the professional school setting. Interviews and letters of recommendation will be used to evaluate and determine whether a SPiM student is fully prepared to initiate professional school studies. The School of Medicine retains the authority to deny matriculation in its school if a SPiM student does not fulfill all the contingencies required.



SPiM students may pursue any one of over 90 baccalaureate degrees offered at the University of Connecticut at Storrs in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the School of Fine Arts, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the School of Allied Health, or the School of Pharmacy. SPiM offers students special opportunities to incorporate some curricular, extracurricular, research and clinical experiential activities as part of their preparation during the undergraduate years. Activities expected may include some of the following: summer research experiences at UConn Health; clinical experientials at the UConn School of Medicine and its affiliated institutions; attendance at journal clubs and research symposia at the UConn Health and at Storrs; and participation in ongoing community service activities of the UConn Health student body. The University of Connecticut at Storrs will confer a B.A. or the B.S. degree at the completion of the undergraduate curriculum and after all requirements have been met. The School of Medicine will confer a medical degree at the completion of its curriculum and after all requirements have been met.


Expenses and Financial Assistance

Students are responsible for the payment of tuition and fees set by the university for both programs.

A full range of need-based and merit-based award programs are available to undergraduate students and medical students. All SPiM matriculants are eligible for merit scholarships, and for participation in the Honors Program, as undergraduate students. Candidates for financial assistance should submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 1. Applicants can request additional information on financial assistance by calling the Office of Student Financial Aid Services at the Storrs Campus, 860-486-2819, or by writing to the office at U-4116, Storrs, CT 06269.

SPiM students will be automatically considered for summer fellowship awards at the School of Medicine. Upon completion of the undergraduate phase of the program, SPiM students who have met all standards expected can apply for financial support through the Student Financial Assistance Center at UConn Health. SPiM students matriculating in the School of Medicine will be automatically considered for merit scholarships.


Application and Acceptance Policies

Acceptance Fee: The School of Medicine requires a one-time $500 program services fee for students as they enter SPiM. This fee supports the activities conducted by the School of Medicine during the undergraduate program, including orientation sessions, counseling sessions, arranging appropriate clinical, research, and community service activities for SPiM students.

Medical School Application Fee: This fee is paid at the time of formal submission of the medical school application.

Medical School Deposit Fee: This fee holds a place in the medical school class and is payable at the time of formal acceptance to the School of Medicine.

Starting date for School of Medicine: Mid August. Note: SPiM students are required to file a medical school application (AMCAS) as instructed by the director of admissions before matriculating in the School of Medicine.

Contact Information

Assistant Dean, Medical School Admissions
Richard Zeff, Ph.D.
Phone: 860-679-4713
Fax: 860-679-6763
Email: admissions@uchc.edu

Address Inquiries to:
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Special Programs in Medicine and Dental Medicine
University of Connecticut
2131 Hillside Road, U-88
Storrs, Connecticut 06269-3088
Phone: 860-486-3137
Fax: 860-486-1476
Website: www.uconn.edu

Special Program in Medicine (SPiM)

To apply to UConn's Special Program in Medicine you must submit your undergraduate admission application by December 1. Students are also required to submit a supplemental application for this program. Your supplemental application and all required documents, including a high school profile, must be received by December 1. Download and print the program application and mail or fax it to the Storrs program office. When making online program payments, please be sure to prevent payment confirmations from going into your spam email.

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For Program Questions, Contact:
Jane Kelley-Sabatino
Program Assistant
Phone: 860-486-3137
Fax: 860-486-1476

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