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South Marshall Street Clinic

Soouth Marshall Street Clinic LogoThe Salvation Army Marshall House is a homeless shelter in Hartford which houses single parent families, dual parent families, married couples, single women, and adolescents cared for by the Department of Children and Families (DCF). The Salvation Army Marshall House provides a free medical clinic for the residents of its shelter and is staffed by volunteers from the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. The clinic benefits the children and adolescents living at the shelter and to serve as a learning experience for UConn medical students.

Photo of student with patient at the clinicThe clinic is open one evening a week on alternating Mondays and Wednesdays from 7 to 9:30 p.m. The clinic is staffed by two medical students and a teaching physician. On a typical night, three to five pediatric and adolescent patients are seen. The student volunteers (MS I-IV) take the patient's history and perform a physical exam, then present the case to the attending physician. The physician helps them form a differential diagnosis, and then together they examine the patient and decide on appropriate diagnosis and treatment.



Map for South Marshall Street Clinic

1. Take Farmington Avenue towards Hartford.

2. Pass Sisson Avenue and Woodland Avenue (both have stop lights). St. Francis Hospital is on Woodland, so there is a blue hospital sign pointing to the left which is a landmark for Woodland.

3. The second block after Woodland is South Marshall Street. Make a right. At the end of the block is a do not enter sign. Go straight ahead despite this and immediately beyond this sign is a driveway on the right. This is the entrance to South Marshall Street Shelter. Park in the driveway that runs behind the shelter. The shelter is a two-story brick building with a black iron fence. Go to the door farthest from where you pulled in and ring the bell. Explain that you are from UConn for the clinic and someone will let you in.


4. If you don't want to disregard the do not enter sign, make a right onto Forest Street (the Mark Twain House is on the corner of Forest and Farmington Avenue). Then make a left onto Hawthorne and then another left onto South Marshall Street. The shelter is a two-story brick building on your left with a black iron fence. Make a left into the driveway. Park in the driveway that runs behind the shelter and go to the south door and ring the bell. Explain that you are from UConn for the clinic and someone will let you in.

Contact Information
Mark Greenstein, M.D.
Phone: 860-714-5319
Email: mgrnstyne@aol.com
UConn School of Medicine
263 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT 06030

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